Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More pictures - Nyamirambo

A street scene in Nyamirambo, where I am staying, taken from the balcony of the cinema. Note the big mosque, which is a landmark. Their 5:30 call to prayers sometimes wakes me up.

The mosque. When I took the picture a group of young teenagers behind me said "You are taking picture of our mosque". I thought I was in trouble. They said "Take more pictures it is beautiful. This is an independant country"!

Greg outside our apartment. This is where we wait for the drivers who often show up late!

A nice fountain and park in the middle of a downtown roundabout, with hills in the distance. The public spaces and parks are very well kept up.
A patient in the operating room. Note the new anesthesia machine, and the fact that the patient is totally alone in the room with no monitors in place.

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