Friday, January 22, 2010

Butare and email

I am working with a slow internet connection in Nyamirambo. The keyboard is Belgian, so the first line is azerty and to get the at sign I need to use ALT 64 so excuse odd spellings.

My john7 emqil qddress is not working so please copy all emails since Wed to oyston at please. May not be able to reply.

Been to Butare qnd back. Very pretty journey through hills and farmland. Bananas and avocados growing everywhere, also rice.

Credo Hotel was OK and there was a pool. Butare is small for the third city of Rwanda. The hospital grounds are nice but the hospital itself is quite poor.

Only did two cases. The first day was a depressed skull frqcture in an adult. The second day we did q Hart,anns and revision colostomy in an 11 kg 15 month old. Finished by & so did nqtional museum then stopped at local market on way back for ingredients for a very fresh omlettte.

Tomorrow to Gisenyi then lodge near Volcqno National Park to go Gorilla Trekking Sun morning.

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