Wednesday, January 20, 2010

End of First Week

Just finished my second wednesday all-day teaching session.
The driver came 90 minutes early, so I sent him away and he came back later and gave us a massive detour around the road works, a guided tour of Kigali
The academic day went fairly well. I began by commenting on my first week, saying that things had much improved since a year or so ago. The residents are doing their reading and asking good questions. They are getting new equipment - CHUK got new PACU monitors installed yesterday. But they need to makae more effort to anticipate problems and be ready for them.
Greg led a discussion on muscle relaxants in french, which I could follow, but when I had something to say I spoke English. A Rwandan resident talked about innervaton of the airway, then we had lunch. I could not persuade them to take less than 1 hr 45 mins for lunch, so Greg and I had a large buffet. In the afternoon I did a 75 minute talk on anesthesia for eye surgery.
Tomorrow we hope that a driver will pick us up at 06:30 am to take us to Butare to teach. We are staying at the Hotel Credo which is supposed to have a pool. We get back on Friday evening and on Saturday we are being picked up at 9 am (god willing) to go to Gisenyi for the day, then to see the gorillas on Sunday morning. Might not have time to write much and technical problems with internet access are getting tedious.

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