Thursday, February 4, 2010


Nothing much new to report, one week is getting to seem pretty much like another.
Greg flew home to Winnipeg on Tuesday evening after we had our last Mutzig beer together, then I went out to the Quiz Night where the questions were hard and we did not do so well.
Teaching out of the OR all day yesterday, did exactly one case today, had lunch, and the resident had given our second case away so I am in town souvenir shopping.
If you are expecting a souvenir, do not get excited, there are slim pickings to be had in Rwanda.
The Rwandans are complaining that its trop chaud - too hot!
There seem to be more mosquitoes than there were so I have gone back to using my mosquito net.
There was a power failure last night. I am still trying to figure out if its just my appartment (which means I have to get someone to pay the electricity bill) or the whole building.
I had to arrange to meet someone today and it took so much effort - about four phone calls and three text messages - just to arrange a time and place to meet. Simple questions like "Where are you now?" seemed to be confusing, when asked in French or English.
I think I am getting tired and am ready to come home. The heat, the red dust from roadworks all around my neighbourhood, and the language problems are beginning to get to me.

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