Monday, February 1, 2010


Had a long day on Sunday, doing a day trip to Akagera Game Park
There were four of us, myself, Louise from Montreal, who works for USAID strengthening Rwanda's Media, Nicola and Muriel, a surgeon and nurse team from Switzerland, plus Emmy, our driver and guide.

We left promptly at 5 and watched the sun rise as we drove east to the park, arriving at the hilltop registration centre a bit after 7, while it was still cool and the animals would be out. A local tracker jumped inthe Toyota Landcruiser and we headed off, driving over some very minor paths through 3 - 5 foot tall grass, searching for giraffe. Instead, we found a herd of cape buffalo. Moving on, we found some impala, and watched them bounding through the grass. We saw a few of the park's 255 bird species, a whole lot of zebra, some warthogs, baboons, monkeys, hippos, and the eyes of a baby crocodile.

We saw some fantastic camp sites, some huge lakes, Tanzania in the distance, papyrus and acacia trees. If there was nothing dangerous about we walked and so we got within about 20 feet of a family of zebras. As the day got hotter the wildlife retreated so we went to the beautiful Akagera Game Lodge for a drink and to admire the view and the pool, then headed to Jambo Bay Beech on Lake Muhazi. This is a popular lakeside bar that serves barbecued food and cold beer to the beat of congolese music. Had a leisurely meal and headed back to the city.
It was not a real big game experience like the Serengeti, but it was a great day out and the price was right. It came to less than $100 for each of us, including food and drink.

Weaver birds nesting by Lake Muhaze

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