Thursday, January 14, 2010

Working in Kigali

Been at work for two days now.
Its very strange. Many things are much better than I expected, other things are worse.
The residenets I am teaching are keen and enthusiastic. Some of them, at elast, are very well read and up to date, even about drugs which are not available to them. A few are very quiet so they are harder to assess. I am so glad I took some french lessons, as often they seem to get the wrong end of the stick and if I can explain in french, no matter how badly, it makes a difference.
The residents all seem to have new laptop computers. The surgeon I was working with today handed me his iPhone to take pictures of the operation!
The only case we did today wass a laparotomy on a three day old baby whcih took about three hours, ending with us sending the ventilated patient back to NICU. Fortunately one of the local staff anestehsiologists did the case and I only watched and learned!
But some simple things are so complicated. We were to be provided a lunch but by 1:45 there was no sign of it arriving so we went to the cafeteria. After we had eaten we came back to find there was a trolley with more food on it than we could eat.
Getting the driver to pick us up on time seems impossible. So far we have had one come 30 mins early and one 20 mins late.
Finally got the internet working in our apartemtn but its very buggy so I will stop now.

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