Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Made it.
Hung around three days in Belgium, left on direct flight to Kigali on Tuesday.
left hotel by taxi at 7:30, were through check in and security by 8:30.
Flight left a few minutes after the 10:40 schedule and arrived in Kigali around 8 pm, about 15 mins late. Great to walk across the tarmac in the hot dark.
Usual minor delays getting through passport control (Very friendly but also thorough) and picking up baggage.
There was a resident there with a sign to meet us. Threw our bags in the back of a hospital pick-up truck and drove swiftly into town. Stopped at big supermarket for essentials. Very well stocked, dozens of types of pasta, for example, at prices a bit higher than Canada. Drove on to apartment, They are doing construction so the dirt road was dug up and we did detours through the neighbourhood. Very similar to towns in the Caribbean.
Apartment is large and basically furnished but livable. Slept well under a mosquito net.
Now at Internet cafe after first day of work. More later when I get better set up.

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