Friday, January 8, 2010

Delayed already!

Decided to check the airport web site before I finished my packing. The flight to Brussels is delayed 1 hr 50 mins. As there was only three hours to catch the connecting flight to Kigali this does not look good. Called the airlines who passed me from Canada to New York back to Canada and eventually told me to call my travel agent. Yes, I booked the old-fashioned way, although I'd already done my research and knew exactly which flights I wanted.
Trek Escapes already knew about the problem and had started researching solutions. I was very impressed. If I miss the flight there is another one the next day, but it does not go directly to Kigali, I would have to change planes somewhere. No-one has any clue if tomorrow's Brussels-Kigali flight will be on time anyway. I may be spending way too much time at a snowed in Brussels airport with thousands of other disgruntled passengers.
The original plan seemed not too bad, as I would have a full day to recover from the trip before starting work. Now it looks like I will really need the time to recover but won't have it!

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